The North Central Source Water Protection Alliance serves to protect the regions drinking water sources by providing a forum for interested citizens and water professionals to network, promoting cooperation among interested parties, encouraging local planning and inter-municipal coordination efforts, and educating the public about source water protection.

The North Central Source Water Protection Alliance (NCWSPA) brings together community members and municipal partners into one organization to share knowledge and ideas, discuss current and future challenges, and promote the efficient and effective use of resources to support the protection of our water resources. The Alliance was formed in June of 2010 to promote the development and updating of source water protection plans by the municipalities within our watershed, and has been working with Lycoming County, the Susquehanna River Basin Committee (SRBC), PENNDOT, PA DEP, and local water systems and volunteers on various projects over the past four years. The Alliance was conceived with the thought that there are many challenges to be addressed, and many hands make light work. As of 2014 there are over 30 contributing members in the NCSWPA including local, state, and federal government agencies, private citizens, and public water suppliers located in Lycoming and Sullivan Counties.

What Can You Do?

Anybody can help in the effort to protect source water. To get started you must first learn about your local water sources, this can be done by contacting your local water supplier, once you have a better understanding about your local water, only then can you take active steps as an individual or community to protect the local water sources. By using the informtation provided on this webpage and researching the links provided, communites will have safer and cleaner drinking water now and in the future. Cooperation is the Key!

Volunteer Today!

Environmental protection begins with you and it can start in your community. Get out and get involved! Start volunteering in your local community and better your community and your environment. Volunteering can provide people with new and exciting experiences which includes, meeting new people and learning new skills. Get out and make a difference in your community by participating in local volunteer programs or even starting one of your own programs.

Searching for Volunteer Work

  • Contact your local municipality for local volunteer programs.
  • Contact local environmental organizations.
  • Check local newspapers.
  • Get involved with local organizations that volunteer on a regular basis.
  • Contact local college environmental groups.
  • Start your own volunteer efforts in your community.