Only Contractors that are registered with WBRA may perform work on WBRA sewer mains or on sewer laterals. Contractors should contact WBRA at or (570) 935-0087 to register. Proof of insurance will be required for registration, and annual updates of the proof of insurance must be provided.

Contractors are encouraged to contact WBRA well in advance of any construction activities that include sewer related work. The PA DEP has currently restricted development within our service area. Contractors are responsible to coordinate with the Developer for any property and to confirm that sewer capacity has been assigned to the project.

Development within our existing service area (no extension of the sewer required) requires an application form, and PA DEP sewage facilities planning may be required if the proposed use would result in sewage generation at a greater rate than allowed under previous planning. Developer is responsible to know the status of past sewage facilities planning; WBRA does not possess that information for all properties.

All sewer installations must meet WBRA standards, and Developers are encouraged to use WBRA’s Standard Detail Drawings as a part of Developer’s design documents. WBRA will provide an inspector for sewer installations. The initial inspection occurs at no cost to the Developer. However, if WBRA is required to return to a project for re-inspection, the WBRA reserves the right to bill the Developer for our staff time based on our current hourly rates.

Contractors must alert WBRA of any planned work a minimum of 24 hours prior to the start of work. For work to be started on a Monday morning, notice must be provided on the preceding Friday morning at the latest. WBRA reserves the right to require that any installation work performed without WBRA inspection due to inadequate notice be uncovered for inspection.


All sewer laterals (new laterals or repairs) must be inspected before they are covered over. Customers, contractors or developers who need to schedule an inspection or re-inspection should contact Dan Whitmoyer at the WBRA office at (570) 935-0087 extension 4 or by cell phone at (570) 560-2023. There is no charge for the first inspection; however, WBRA reserves the right to charge for subsequent inspections that result from failed tests or improper installation, etc. so please plan accordingly.

*Construction Standards are available upon request.*