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The West Branch Regional Authority is committed to providing high quality,
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infrastructure in a sustainable manner..

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The West Branch Regional Authority provides sanitary sewer service for Montgomery Borough, Muncy Borough, Clinton Township and a portion of Muncy Creek Township. The WBRA was formed in July of 2010 as a part of long-term cooperative planning effort between those communities and the Montgomery Water and Sewer Authority, Muncy Borough Municipal Authority, and Muncy Creek Township Sewer Authority. 

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Online payment via credit card/debit card now enabled.
You may now pay your bill online via credit or debit card through our website. Simply click on "Customers" on the bar at the top of this page and select "Bill Payment Options" then "ACH Payment".

Customers in certain parts of our service area will soon begin to see WBRA staff in the neighborhood as a part of our private property inspection program. In 2011 the WBRA treatment plants received too much extra flow as a result of rain and groundwater entering the system. As a result, the state is requiring us to identify and remove illegal connections to the sewer system such as sump pumps, basement floor drains, downspouts, area drains, foundation drains, etc. WBRA staff will be requesting access to homes to complete inspections and identify illegal connections. Customers will be given notice of any illegal connections and provided time to make repairs or modifications necessary to address the issues. We hope you will work with us and allow our staff to perform the inspections. Unfortunately, those customers who do not allow the inspection to occur will be subject to penalties until the inspection is allowed.

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