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 The West Branch Regional Authority is committed to providing high quality, cost effective sanitary sewer service while maintaining our critical infrastructure in a sustainable manner. WBRA owns and operates the sanitary sewer systems for Montgomery Borough, Muncy Borough, Clinton Township and a portion of Muncy Creek Township, and operates the drinking water systems for Muncy and Montgomery by contract. The WBRA was formed in July of 2010 as a part of long-term cooperative planning effort between those communities and the Montgomery Water and Sewer Authority, Muncy Borough Municipal Authority, and Muncy Creek Township Sewer Authority. 



Welcome to the new WBRA website!  Over the coming months we will continue to update the site to provide new content and functionality - please check back with us from time to time to see what's new. WBRA customers, please feel free to try our online bill payment process by selecting the "Bill Pay" option on the top menu bar and entering in your account number followed by the payment amount. Interested in helping to protect your drinking water? Visit our NCSWPA webpage for Source Water Protection information and find ways to get involved in your area!


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Common Sewer and Water Issues


In the event of a sewer backup inside your home, please contact WBRA immediately so we can determine if the source of the problem is in the sewer main. If the problem is in the sewer main then it is the job of West Branch Regional Authority to address the issue; however, if the problem is occurring on private property then the owners will need to seek a plumber at their own cost.


In the case of a water related emergency, it is important to know the location of the water shut-off valve for your home. The water shut-off valve is usually located near your water meter. The water meter is usually located at the point where the water pipe comes through the foundation; usually this is located in a basement or utility room. In the event that you have a pipe break within you home, knowing how and where to shut off your water can help minimize any water damage.









There are no curennt advisories. Please check WBRA webpage daily for local sewer and water advisories.


Contact Information

In the event of a sewer or water emergency please call 570-279-7966

For all other questions contact the WBRA office at 570-935-0087